Volume 1 2002
i-iiPeter Leggat
1-6Paul Gorman
A public health initiative to reduce the high level of gastro-enteritis in Australian Embassy personnel in Yangon, Myanmar
7-9Elizabeth Scott
Prevention of insect bites in travellers by using appropriate clothing, insecticide treated bednets and effective insect repellents
10-12Cathy Reto
Possible mercury poisoning in alluvial gold miners in the Porgera Valley, Papua New Guinea
13-18Sue Ferguson-Hill
Management of heat related illness enhanced by climate change and global warming in the North West Kimberley region of Western Australia
19-22Bill Hardy
A report on simple, low cost, effective house survey and repair programs in the Northern Territory, Australia
23-25Elizabeth Scott
Dry sanitation solutions
26-28Sue Ferguson-Hill
Environmental policy for prevention of heat related illness in Aboriginal children, in the Kimberley, by female environmental health workers
29-34Phillip Whish-Wilson
The Aral Sea environmental health crisis
35-39Peter Durman
The Balikpapan dengue control program
40-50Elizabeth Mackinnon
The environmental effects of mining waste disposal at Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea