Volume 6 2007

1-5 Injuries from arthropod, reptile and marine bites and stings in South Trinidad
Konings M, Maharajh HD and Gopeesingh S
6-10 Helminthic reduction with albendazole among school children in riverine communities of Nigeria
Oyewole F, Ariyo F, Oyibo WA, Sanyaolu A, Faweya T, Monye P, Ukpong M, Soremekun B, Okoro C, Fagbenro-Beyioku AF and Olufunlayo TF
11-15 Severity of anaemia in Nigerian children diagnosed with Plasmodium falciparum malaria in the first year of life
Alumanah EO and Nwanguma BC
16-23 A survey on the effects of vehicle emissions on human health in Nigeria
Ojolo SJ, Oke SA, Dinrifo RR, Eboda FY
24-32 The effect of insecticide treated bed net use on malaria episodes, parasiteamia and heamoglobin concentration among primigravidae in a peri-urban settlement in southeast Nigeria
Igwe PC, Inem V, Ebuehi OM, Afolabi BM
33-39 A review of intestinal helminthiasis in Nigeria and the need for school-based intervention
Ekundayo OJ, Aliyu MH, Jolly PE
40-44 A review of the 1992-1993 Yellow Fever outbreak in Kenya and future management options
Rynn CJ
45-53 Return of the God of Plague: Schistosomiasis in China
Berry-Caban CS
54-60 Water drinking attitudes and behaviours in Guatemala: an assessment and intervention
Martin JH and Elmore AC
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