Volume 2 2003
1-5Environmental health on Australian bases in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic
Cath Deacon
6-13Gastroenteritis prevention: Improving the health of young indigenous populations
Judith Dean
14-20A review of scrub typhus management in 2000-2001 and implications for soldiers
Jonathan Devine
20-22Development of a clean food and water environmental policy in a third world city
Peter Durman
23-32Limiting the spread of communicable diseases caused by human population movement
Pramodh Nathaniel
33-35Community-based environmental health: should health be integrated with environment?
Deon Canyon
36-37Environmental health: Global initiatives and new analytic approaches
Peter Leggat
38-40Community-based environmental health planning
Michael B. Owen
41-45Cuckoos, cows and a country doctor: The pioneering work of a rural health professional in the development of public health
Vicki Saunders and David N. Durrheim
46-59Policy Implications of 1080 Toxicology in New Zealand
Sean Weaver
60-65Resurgence of sleeping sickness in Southern Sudan
Georgina Pagey
66-71Management of a sleeping sickness epidemic in Southern Sudan
Georgina Pagey
72-75Inuit life in Canada's remote Arctic: Does it compare with indigenous peoples of Australia?
Dawn Fowler and Konia Trouton
76-89Landmines: an ongoing environmental health problem for the children of Afghanistan
Marnie Fraser