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Rural and Remote Environmental Health
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Editorial - Volume 1

An international journal of rural and remote environmental health

The past century has brought tremendous advances in science and medicine, public health and sanitation, improving environmental health and extending the lives of millions of people worldwide.  The health of all communities have not necessarily progressed at the same rate, however, and some of the greatest global challenges for the provision of environmental health resources lie in rural and remote regions of both developed and developing countries, especially in indigenous communities. The World Commission on Environment and Development (1987) also ushered in a new era of “Sustainable Development”, such that present development does not compromise future generations. These principles are incorporated in national programs in Australia, such as the National Environmental Health Strategy (2000).

The development of the Journal of Rural and Remote Environmental Health is a signal event in publication history and brings together a unique collection of case studies and reviews, which provides an additional step towards meeting these challenges. Environmental health has evolved from a multidisciplinary workforce and, in rural and remote areas, health professionals take considerable responsibility for environmental and public health.  Contributions to the peer-reviewed Journal of Rural and Remote Environmental Health are encouraged from the broad spectrum of environmental and public health professionals and clinicians, who have in common environmental health training and experience in the context of public health and rural and remote health.

Many of the recurrent issues in rural and remote environmental health include the major burden of infectious diseases, particularly arthropod-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue, as well as sanitation, housing and infrastructure, natural disasters and displacement, health services provision, zoonotic diseases and other pests, and occupational health. Forthcoming issues of the Journal of Rural and Remote Environmental Health will contain case studies, reviews, policy recommendations, investigations, management strategies and other original articles in many of these areas.

Students and lecturers of public health, rural and remote health and environmental health will find the “real life” case studies and reviews contained within the Journal of Rural and Remote Environmental Health a valuable educational resource.


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